Brain Gym

What is Brain Gym? Brain Gym is a Pro-active way of waking up the brain or to stimulate the brain function for Students and even adults to boost your mind and channel your brain cells.. The Brain gym is an exercise to improve you focuses, switch on the brain, practice the Physical Coordination and reconnect …

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Misconception about ABACUS

It is always assumed by the parents that ABACUS helps to do mathematical calculations faster. However, ABACUS is a complete brain development program, one of the benefits is children learn to do the fast calculations. Refer below URL for more details on ABACUS,

Top benefits of Vedic Maths

Vedic Maths Benefits | Aristo Kids 1.It helps student solving mathematical problems 10-15 times faster. 2.It is a magical tool that reduces scratch work and finger counting. 3.It creates interest towards mathematics and eliminates the Maths-phobia. 4.It encourages mental calculations. 5.It increases concentration. 6.It reduces the burden of remembering large amount of stuff, because Vedic …

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