Aristo Kids Championship 2020 – Practice Test

Aristo Kids Championship - Practice Tests

Welcome to Aristo Kids. We thank you for your interest to participate in the first open International ONLINE championship event scheduled on Sunday, 20th September 2020.

Below are the practice tests which have same pattern as real test. Kindly practice well and give your valuable feedback if any to your teacher. You can also write us at and give your feedback.

We wish you all the best for the championship.


ABACUS Level 0 Test

[ays_quiz id="47"]


ABACUS Level 1 Test

[ays_quiz id="48"]


ABACUS Level 2 Test

[ays_quiz id="49"]


ABACUS Level 3 Test

[ays_quiz id="50"]


ABACUS Level 5 Test

[ays_quiz id="46"]


ABACUS Level 6 Test

[ays_quiz id="51"]
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