Aristo Kids OPEN International ONLINE Championship July 2021 – ABACUS & VEDIC MATHS

Aristo Kids OPEN International ONLINE Championship - ABACUS & VEDIC MATHS

Welcome to Aristo Kids. We thank you for your interest to participate in the first open International ONLINE championship event scheduled on Saturday and Sunday, 24th & 25th July 2021.

There are two options for registering students for participating in this championship 1) Register and pay through your teacher 2) Register and pay directly online.


This is a first of its kind of championship which will have complete system based evaluation. It offers Trophy and cash prize for first three winners in each level, and medal for top 5-10 best performers in each level. The participation e-certificate will be awarded to all the participants and winner/consolation certificate for the winners.

Important points to note,

    1. Every participant must have valid and working email ID (own or parent's mail ID). This is a requisite for student registration and for issuing certificate.
    2. This is an ONLINE test to be attended by the participants from their home on a scheduled date and within the given time slot. Therefore, every participant must have a tablet or laptop or smartphone and good Internet connection. Additionally, one more smartphone or such device for video recording.
    3. While student is appearing the test, a parent should take video recording from 4-5 feet distance, no excuses will be accepted whatsoever. A special app to be used for video recording which will be communicated separately. Company will ask parents of shortlisted students to upload their video recording at a given link.
    4. Registered participants will be given a login and password (only for those who do not have a login to Aristo Kids website) for accessing online practice/final tests. The participants must login into the system and report if there is any issue.
    5. There is NO negative marking. The one who will score maximum marks in least time will be the winner.
    6. Company may decide to announce more winners depending on spread of age of participants for this level.
    7. A student can participate in multiple levels (i.e. last completed level, current appearing level and Expert level). He/She can also participate for both ABACUS & VEDIC MATHS tests.
    8. ABACUS

    9. There will be 9 categories for ABACUS (0-6 levels, Expert and plus one special category which everybody can participate).
    10. All students who have completed their ABACUS level 7 or onwards should appear for Expert category test.
    11. All students attending level 1 ABACUS classes should appear for ABACUS Level 0 test.
    12. For ABACUS tests, student has a choice to use ABACUS method or without ABACUS method.
    13. Each ABACUS level test will contain 100 multiple choice questions, which are to be solved in 5 minutes.
    14. Grand Championship

    15. For Grand Championship, this test can be attended anybody who has participated in ABACUS or Vedic Maths level test. Vedic Maths student should be below 12 years old
    16. It will have addition and subtraction of single digit 5-10 numbers. It will be have 125 multiple choice questions which are to be solved in 5 minutes.

    18. There are 3 levels for Vedic Maths (1-3 levels), those who are currently attending Level 1 classes or completed their first level, should appear for Level 1 test.
    19. Each Vedic Maths level test will contain 75 questions which are to be solved in 10 minutes.

Please note that registered participants can also login using their Gmail credentials and we recommend to use this method for login to the website.

  1. Each registered participant will be given access to online mock-up test which will have similar question pattern as final test.
  2. A final list of participants will be declared before 3 days of Championship.
  3. Every participant will be able to see his/her score and duration taken on the screen at the end of test.
  4. The result will be declared in a grand virtual award ceremony which will happen on subsequent Sunday of Championship event.
  5. The last date for registration is 30th June 2021.

For any further clarification, please feel free to write us at or call at +91 98854 06874 or +91 93903 53148.

ABACUS syllabus & eligibility

Level 0jr1, YoungStar-1&2Direct formula +, -( 4 rows, 5 rows, 6 rows) single digit
Level 1jr 1, jr2, YoungStar 3Direct , +5,-5, +10 formula +, -( 4 rows, 5 rows, 6 rows, 7 rows)single digit
Level 2jr 2, jr 3Direct , +5,-5, +10, -10 formula , mix (+,-) ( 4 rows, 5 rows, 6 rows, 7 rows) single digit
Level 3jr3, jr 4+5,-5, +10, -10 formula mix (+,-) ( 4 rows, 5 rows, 6 rows, 7 rows) single digit, Double digit 4 rows, 5 rows
Level 4jr4, jr5+5,-5, +10, -10 formula Mix (+,-), master complements( 5 rows, 6 rows, 7 rows, 8 rows) single digit, Double digit 7 rows, 5 rows, 6 rows, triple digit 3 rows, double x
Level 5jr5, jr 6Double digit 8 rows, 9 rows, triple digit 3 rows, double x single, triple x single
Level 6jr 6, jr 7Double digit 8 rows, triple digit 4 rows double x single, triple x single, double/ single, triple/ single
Level ExpertLevel 7 to 10Double digit 8 rows, 9 rows, triple digit 5 rows, 6 rows, four digit 4 rows, double x double, triple x double, Triple/single, four digit / single, decimal +,- 5 rows of single and double digit

VEDIC MATHS Syllabus & eligibility

Level 1Vedic 1, Vedic 2Level 1 course
Level 2Vedic 2, Vedic 3Level 1 & 2 course
Level 3Vedic 3Level 1, 2 & 3 course

Prize, certificate & trophy details

WinnersCash PrizeTrophyCertificate
1st PrizeRs. 1500/-YesParticipation + Rank Certificate
2nd PrizeRs. 1000/-YesParticipation + Rank Certificate
3rd PrizeRs. 500/-YesParticipation + Rank Certificate
ConsolationNoYesParticipation + Rank Certificate
ParticipationNoNoParticipation Certificate

Cash prize, certificate & trophy details for Special Championship

WinnersCash PrizeTrophyCertificate
Grand Champion - Junior (Upto 9 years)Rs. 2500/-YesParticipation + Rank Certificate
Grand Champion - Senior (9+ years)Rs. 2500/-YesParticipation + Rank Certificate
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