Here is a golden opportunity to join us and start your teaching courses with almost no investment. We will provide you everything like teacher training, course material, online assignments, online test and certification platform, pamphlets and digital banners for promotions, teaching accessories, marketing assistance, and continuous ongoing support, all that are needed for you to run your professionally managed training institute anywhere in the World.

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Work From Home

We offer excellent work from home opportunity for those who want to start teaching job sitting at home and can't devote full time due to family responsibilities.

Best opportunity for:

  • Active and Retired School Teachers looking for additional income
  • Tuition teachers who want to spend few hours on weekend days
  • Schools which are looking for introducing extra curriculum, can introduce courses like Abacus, Vedic Maths, Phonics World, Handwriting
  • Professional women re-entering the career
  • Professionals looking for a rewarding career change
  • Entrepreneurs interested in quality, low-cost math education franchise
  • Individuals who love working with and educating children

Why Us

Following are key reasons why one should consider us for our franchise,

Why Franchise?

  • A quality, internationally proven curriculum
  • Attractive, low cost opportunity to start and own your own business
  • Student books and materials - No inventory required by the franchisee
  • Lower risk business that scales investment with growth
  • Comprehensive Training - no experience necessary
  • Support by company and distributor for advertising and branding
  • System based approach to generate leads
  • Advertising material provided by the company
  • Certificate, medal, prizes from the company
  • Participation in annual championship event
  • Annual outbound event specially designed for Franchisees to build their entrepreneurship skills

Franchise FAQ’s

Why should I take Franchise?

By taking franchise, you outsource all your responsibility of running your training center to us, we provide you everything right from training, course material, teaching material, test papers, certificate, conducting annual event, generate leads, and many more. We also ensure that you get timely support so that you focus on providing quality training to your students. There will be almost no investment required for you to run your training center, as you can order material when required from local distributor and we ensure you receive necessary support in time. Taking franchise is like joining big established family where everything is readily available.

Is Franchise valid for lifetime?

Franchise is valid for 5 years which needs to be renewed every after three years at nominal administrative charges.

Why should I buy course material from Distributor and not directly company?

This is for your own convenience. Distributor keeps stock of course material, so that it can provide you a quick service. Distributor also provided you necessary support and service.

How can I pay for course material?

All payments to be made online.

Will I get any credit period?

All material will have to be ordered from our authorized distributor available in your area, we take money in advance from the distributor, however you may check with your distributor for credit facility. In a special case, company can intervene and discuss working model for credit facility. 

What are the criteria for getting Franchise?

You should have passion to teach children, and commitment to develop them for their better career.

How much initial investment required?

All you need is to pay small franchisee fee and space to run the classes. Company takes care of everything else to enable you to conduct classes smoothly.

Does company offer online training?

Yes, we do offer online training which is the most cost-effective way to train the trainers.

Will there be any training given?

Yes, we provide comprehensive training as part of initial setup of center, also provide necessary support when required.

What in case of any doubt for trainer?

Trainer can contact Distributor and/or company representative for necessary support and guidance.

Is it mandatory to undergo training for trainer?

Yes, it is mandatory. Course instructor is not allowed to run the classes unless he/she undergo comprehensive training provided by the company. If you are already a trainer then we will review on case to case basis.

Will I be able to handle class confidently after training?

Yes, we provide you comprehensive training and necessary training material so that you handle classes confidently from the day one. Additionally, we are always committed to provide your necessary help and support.

How will I get help for marketing in my local area?

Yes, this is our unique value proposition to become our partner. We are technology driven company, we generate leads through our digital marketing platform, we pass on these enquires to the concerned franchisee for further follow-ups.

How can I order course material?

You need to place order on our company appointed Distributor.

What benefit will I get if I refer another franchise?

We have referral scheme which changes time to time, please get in touch with our company representative for details of current scheme.

How much royalty do I have to pay company?

Company does not take any royalty, we charge for course and other related material and services.

Why is student’s registration required? What are the benefits?

Once student is registered online, there are many benefits for the franchise as we will make parents aware of different courses, follow-up for next level admission, will conduct online test, take feedback for improvement and better service, etc.

How is student’s test conducted?

Student’s test will be conducted online.

Will student get chance to reappear for examination?

Yes. Student will get two free chances as part of course training, then after company will charge Rs. 100/- for additional attempts.

Can my students join directly for advance level?

Yes, you as franchisee should first check for knowledge required from previous level and then after allow to join advance level

Can I take franchise from multiple companies?

No, you can’t take franchise from other company for the same course. We ensure that you get every service so that you remain liked to be associated with us.

What is process for contract termination?

You can formally communicate to us and terminate contract by adhering terms mentioned in the contract document.

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