Introduction - What is ABACUS?

The abacus is the most ancient calculating device known. It consists of a wooden frame, rods, and beads. Each rod represents a different place value—ones, tens, hundreds, thousands, and so on. Each bead represents a number, usually 1 or 5, and can be moved along the rods. Addition and subtraction can easily be performed by moving beads along the wires of the abacus.
In short it is a simple tool used for fast and accurate calculations. It helps develop right brain and overall intelligence. There are many other benefits, it helps improve,
  • Mental calculation abilities & whole brain development
  • Deep concentration level
  • Long memory retention
  • Logical ability
  • Effective observation skill
  • Listening skills& effective memory recall capacity
  • Capacity to handle all kinds of challenges in the life
  • Overall development of children

ABACUS Course Structure @ Aristo Kids

ABACUS Benefits

At the end of course child is expected to excel in learning maths in primary and high school. He/she will also be benefited from following other aspects,
  • Boosts better and faster calculation skills.
  • Increases endurance for stress and pressure.
  • Improves problem-solving abilities.
  • Sharpens concentration and observance.
  • Develops confidence and self-esteem.
  • Heightens stronger mental visualization skills.
  • Sharpens listening skills.
  • Makes mathematics meaningful, useful and fun.
  • Provides a solid learning foundation for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
  • Increases memory power and sharpens overall mental formation


Abacus is a device which is also referred as counting frame, used to calculate all kinds of arithmetic calculations without the help of any pen, paper, calculator or even device itself.  This mechanical device is used to assist a person in performing mathematical calculations and counting.

It consists of a wooden frame, rods, and beads. Each rod represents a different place value—ones, tens, hundreds, thousands, and so on. Each bead represents a number, usually 1 or 5, and can be moved along the rods. We can easily perform addition and subtraction by moving beads along the wires of the abacus.


Although Abacus is a calculating device, in modern times, it is used as a tool for Whole Brain Development. The fundamental of abacus is based on the usage of both hands that stimulates both, Left & Right hemispheres of brain and that ensures complete brain development.

Certainly yes, though the child may be weak in mathematics. All children in the age group of 4-14 years can learn abacus.

Anyone can join, however it is recommended for the kids who’s age is between 4 to 15 years.

It improves brain power in terms of memory power, concentration power and listening skills. It develops not only mathematical ability but also ability to learn other subjects faster.

Yes, your child will improve his/her mathematical ability as it develops interest and confidence in calculations which is foundation of mathematics.

Absolutely not. Mathematics teaches fundamentals such as additions, subtractions, whereas ABACUS course enhances ability of a child to better present solution to the problem.

It varies from company to company. Aristo Kids offers 10 levels for Abacus course, each level normally takes 3 months. Franchisee / training center conducts classes 2 hours a week to ensure completion of any homework and grasping of learnt concepts. The frequency and hours in a week may vary from franchise to franchise

Yes, parents need to only make sure that his/her child does practice and completes homework given by the teacher. Daily about 20 minutes of practice at home helps successful completion of course.

Yes, ABACUS training centers conduct exam on completion of every level and certificate is issued after successful performance in the exam. Additionally, companies conduct championship events at state, national and international level where kids can participate and get themselves recognized.

Yes, he can join the course that is designed for senior level students. He can grasp faster and hence can complete all the levels faster and quicker. It will certainly help me develop interest in mathematics subject and remove mathematics phobia.

Yes, if he can understand additions and subtractions. He can join a abacus course at any Aristo Kids training center that is  specially designed for super junior students.

ABACUS fee structure is generally decided by the training center, and it depends on the area where you live and the competition in your particular area. You can always get in touch with any nearest training center and inquire about fee structure, syllabus, duration and various benefits. You can also ask for a demo session for yourself so that you are convinced about its benefits for your child.

Abacus & Vedic Maths are both skill development activities, but they are entirely different program. Abacus is a brain development program for the age group 5 to 14 years. Whereas, Vedic Mathematics is a collection of Techniques / Sutras to solve mathematical arithmetic in an easy and faster way.

We at Aristo Kids have do have both offline and online training facility available.

What is important is to apply learnt techniques in real life which will definitely happen through the lifetime.