About Us

We are company with decades of experience in kid’s education area, hence we understand the need and have designed courses accordingly for overall development of the kids.

We offer great franchise opportunity, we have a network of our Distributors and Franchises through which we run various training courses. Company provides training, course material, online test, certificate, marketing and other support to the Franchises so that they can focus on running their classes and provide quality training to the students.

We operate only through our appointed Franchises whom we provide our unique copyright course material along with training and necessary support so that they just focus on conducing quality training classes. Presently we are offering courses on Abacus, Aristo Phonics, Vedic Maths, Magic Tables and Smart Write.

For franchises, it is like a joining a big established family as we take care of everything, right from supporting to setup training center, train the trainer, brochures, books, company signage, personalized pamphlets, test & certificate and many more. We are completely online and working continuously to improve our processes to provide seamless experience to the franchisees and enabling them to focus on their student’s development.

Our endeavor is to build lifetime engagement with the franchises and therefore we continuously work on improving our processes, tools, courses and course materials.

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Our Teacher's Network


Our vision is to become world's top company in providing innovative learning options for children for their overall development


Our mission is help society by developing kids with active and creative minds, hereby helping them excel in every phase of their life and in every situation


I have been receiving excellent support since I joined as franchisee. Comprehensive in-person training was provided at my doorstep within a week of joining. The books content is very good and quite interesting for the students. WhatsApp group keep all of us active. Thank you.

~ Surekha

Best support

    • Command Sequence
    • For-loops
    • Events
    • Nested loops
    • Code Reviews
    • Code Optimisation
    • If-else conditions
    • While-loops

Coding Foundation - Level 1

I am personally happy with digital marketing support and books content and quality of material used. Also, happy the way company conducts International championships.

~ Archana

Happy with the support

I was given training immediately within two weeks of registration and was provided with all the support related to marking and was given company guidelines to ensure quality training is provided to the students as per company standard. I was also advised to undergo online training to give assurance that I am fit to start the classes. Happy with overall support so far.

~ Ashok

Instant onboarding

I have been associated with Aristo Kids since beginning, company staff is cooperative, I get instant delivery of books whenever ordered and hence no need to keep stock with me. The unique is support that I get for digital marketing. Happy to be associated.

~ Prajakta

Excellent training and support