Why kids struggle to solve Math word problems?

There are various reasons why kids struggle to solve Math word problems:

Language comprehension: One of the reasons why kids struggle to solve Math Word problems is, it require kids to understand the scenario completely and then translate the same into a mathematical expression. If a child struggles in reading or he/she has a difficulty in understanding the problem statement, it usually makes it difficulty for child to solve it.

Conceptual thinking: Math involves conceptual thinking, and the word problems add another layer of abstraction by connecting math to a real-world situation. Some kids find it difficult to bridge the gap between concrete experiences and conceptual mathematical concepts.

Problem-solving skills: Word problems typically require multiple steps to arrive at a solution. Children not only need to perform mathematical operations but also decide which operations to use. Building effective math word problem-solving skills takes time and requires practice.

Anxiety or a lack of confidence: If a child is already nervous about math, encountering word problems that seem complex can make the task even more daunting. For example, if a problem involves a concept that the child hasn't encountered in their daily life, they might find it harder to relate and struggle to understand.

Mathematics vocabulary: Word problems often use specific mathematical terms and language that students need to understand. If a child is not familiar with the relevant vocabulary, it makes child difficult to comprehend and solve the problem.

To address these challenges, educators usually employ various strategies and methods, such as breaking down problems into smaller steps, provide real-life examples, and offer opportunities for hands-on learning to make math more tangible and accessible for children. Additionally, fostering a positive attitude towards math and creating a supportive learning environment helps build confidence and reduce anxiety.

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About Course

Every problem is unique, and hence once has to be patient and persistent. Developing a systematic approach and practicing sums regularly will only contribute to the success in solving math word problems.

This course teaches various strategies and methods, such as breaking down problems into smaller steps, CUBES method, provide real-life examples, and offer opportunities for hands-on learning to make word problems easier to understand for the students.

Course content

This course covers following areas for enhancing Math word problem solving skills of the students

Course Benefits

Real-world Application

Math word problems often involve real-life scenarios, helping students understand the practical applications of mathematical concepts. This can enhance their problem-solving skills and show them the relevance of math in everyday situations. and useful.

Critical Thinking

Word problems require students to analyze information, identify relevant details, and devise a plan to solve the problem. This promotes critical thinking skills, helping students become better at logical reasoning and decision-making.

Preparation for Competitive Exams

Many competitive exams  include word problems to assess students' problem-solving abilities. Practicing math word problems can help students feel more confident and perform better on these exams.

Prepare for Real-life Challenges

Life is full of challenges that require analytical thinking and problem-solving. Word problems serve as a training ground for students to hone these skills, preparing them for the problem-solving demands they will encounter in various academic and professional settings.

Multiple Skill Development

Solving word problems involves a combination of mathematical skills, reading comprehension, and logical reasoning. This multifaceted approach helps children develop a well-rounded skill set.

Understand Mathematical Concepts

Word problems provide a context for applying abstract mathematical concepts in a concrete manner. This aids in deepening students' understanding of mathematical principles by showing how they can be used to solve practical problems.

Communication Skills

Effectively solving a word problem often involves explaining the solution in a clear and concise manner. This nurtures communication skills as students articulate their thought processes, fostering the ability to express mathematical ideas.

Engagement and Motivation

Word problems can make learning math more engaging and interesting. By placing math in a real-world context, students are more likely to see its relevance and become motivated to understand and solve problems.

Adaptability and Flexibility

Word problems come in various forms, requiring students to adapt their problem-solving strategies to different situations. This fosters adaptability and flexibility in approaching challenges, skills that are valuable in many areas of life.


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    This course is designed for students from 3rd std. onwards.

    It depends on your choice and proximity of teacher to your location. The classes are conduced by our certified experienced teacher all over the country.

    Yes. You can always ask for a DEMO class to the concerned teacher. However, trust us that this course is designed in such a way that every student must master in solving word problems.

    Yes, there will be an exam at the end of this course and system generated certificate will be issued only after passing with minimum75% score. 

    The classes will be twice a week, the days and timing will be mutually decided by the teacher and the student.

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