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We are a innovative company which research and come up with innovative courses based on market need. We have a team of senior professionals who have decades of experience in kids education area, especially in ABACUS , VEDIC MATHS, PHONICS, Handwriting and CODING.

We are completely online and provide seamless experience to the franchises by ensuring no hurdles in their day to day operations.

24x7 Lifetime Support

We are committed to provide 24×7 lifetime support to our franchise partners .

Marketing Support

We provide end to end support for promoting coaching center of our franchise partners.

Technology Support

We are a technology company and use it at it’s limit to provide seamless experience to our franchise partners

Our clients speak for us

We have many teachers who are with us for decades and referred many other teachers to join us

I have been in this profession for more than 18 years, and I have a vision to provide each and every option that helps kids for their overall development.

Ujjwal, CEO

How it works

There are just 3 three steps to join us and start your own business

Step 1

Decide courses

Discuss and decide which course you want to start your own classes. Pay negligible registration fee.

Step 2

Get training

Get yourself deeply trained by our experienced certified coaches, and get company certificate after fulfilling criteria

Step 3

Start classes

Use tones of marketing material from the company to advertise your coaching center, get students and start your own classes. All in just 2 weeks.

The main benefits of joining us

Success Rate

Being our franchise owner will increase your success rate significantly, as compared to starting your own classes and unnecessarily spending time in the tasks other than focusing on teaching.

Start-Up Time

By joining our franchise, you will decrease the start-up time for starting your classes, as many important and time-consuming tasks and checkpoints are already in place.

Training and Support

We provide comprehensive in-person training at your doorstep, and provide ongoing support. After all, it is in our best interest that you succeed.

Cost Reduction

You will gain significant buying power through group purchasing, which will reduce your cost for everything from inventory to shipping. You will also get best practices by connecting to other franchises of Aristo Kids.

Existing Procedures and Processes

As you develop your classes, you will appreciate that you are not required to create new procedures and processes, but rather have access to existing and well-established working materials like answer sheets, notes, question papers, practice sheets and many more. From the start, you’ll be able to focus on taking your classes without a great deal of time spent on developing administrative procedures and materials.

Support of a Professional Network

The most important of all is that by joining our franchise, you will not only become an owner of your training center, but you will also join a network of peers that will support you in your new endeavor. The like-minded individuals you’ll associate with will share their passion and energy to help keep you motivated to reach your goals.


By joining our franchise, you will become an independent business owner with the security of a well-known brand. With a few exceptions, you will have complete freedom to make it your own, build your classes, create your own fee structure, training schedules, and make your classes what you want it to be, working around your life, as convenient to your schedule.

Conferences and Championships

It’s our best interest to ensure that you have access to the best available services and support. You will have the opportunity to attend annual meetings/outbounds/conferences, which will provide you with valuable information and help you to develop your expertise. Also, your students will get chance to participate in our International championship events and get opportunity to standout from others.