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How to solve Maths word problems?

There is almost every student who struggle how to solve Maths word problems at his or her early age. Here is a step by step method to use for solving Maths word problems.

  • Read question carefully

  • Understand what to solve

  • Draw a overall picture in your mind

  • Ignore unwanted statements

  • Find out various figures given

  • Think logically and decide arithmetic operation

  • Solve word problem by writing step by step

  • Verify your answer

Although it appears simple, however kids need support to make them understand how to use this step by step method, explain them few tricks and ensure they do enough practice until they build their confidence about Maths.

Maths word problems made easy – Aristo Kids has been working on designing a special course on Maths word problems for 1st to 5 std. students, it will help children to make them confident about Maths subject and they will start liking Maths subject. It is extremely critical for parents who want their child to go into Science stream for making career as Engineer or Doctor.

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